Astonishing X-Men Issue/ # 14 Variant Edition Marvel Comics

Astonishing X-Men Issue/ # 14 Variant Edition Marvel Comics

SKU: 695214E

Marvel Comics Astonishing X-Men Return Of The Fantastic Four Issue/ # 14 Until Our Hearts Drop Part 2 (VariantEdition). Paperback Physical Copy Comic Book In (Color).

Writer - Matthew Rosenberg

Penciler - Greg Land

Inker - Jay Leisten

Color Artist - FrankD'armata

Letter - VCs Clayton Cowles

Cover Artists - Greg Land & Frank D'armata

Variant Cover Artist - Adam Kubert & Jason Keith

Issued Date: October 2018

Rated: T+


"Alex Summers - the man called Havok. A fitting name for someone with the ability to emit powerful plasma blast... And whose life hasn't always been the picture of absolute control. Especially since Alex had his moral compass forcibly inverted. Compelling him to evil. But all of that is over now. Havok is ready to be an X-Men again. But it seems that the X-Men aren't quite ready for Havok. After a number of rejections, Alex went to visit his old friend Hank McCoy, The Mutant called Beast. Before long, they were attacked by a group of cyborg killers called the Reavers-Triggering the return of their long-lost teammate Banshee!"

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