Daredevil Issue/ # 21 Truth/Dare Marvel Comics - Comics

Daredevil Issue/ # 21 Truth/Dare Marvel Comics - Comics

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Marvel Comics Dardevil Issue/ # 21 Truth/Dare paper back physical copy comic book.

Writer - Chip Zdarsky

Artist - Marco Checchetto

Colorist - Mattia Iacono

Rated: T+

"Daredevil is in custody.

The Stromwyn Siblings- Societal Elitists with only money on their mind's - orchestrated a series of events culminating in the destruction of Hell's Kitchen at the hands of hired mercenaries, many of whom are members of Dardevil's Rogues Gallery.

With the city left standing and the Stromwyn'a plans thwarted by the combined efforts of Daredevil, Wilson Fisk, Typhoid Mary and Detective Cole North, the police and news outlets enter the scene to witness Daredevil turning himself over to the authorities for the murder of Leo Carraro."

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