Generation X Issue/ # 45 Marvel Comics - Comics

Generation X Issue/ # 45 Marvel Comics - Comics

SKU: 357534E

Marvel Comics Generation X Vol - 1 Issue/ # 45. Paper back physical copy comic book in (color).

Writer - Jay Faerber

Pinciler - Terry Dodson

Inker - Rachel Dodson

Colorist - Nic Musolivo

Issued Date: December 1998

Rated: T+

"They come from across the globe and all walks of life, but these teens share a spectacular and frightening secret - a genetic twist of fate has gifted each one of them with incredible powers. This is the next generation of mutants - who have come to the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters in Snow Valley,  Massachusetts,  to learn how to control and utilize their burgeoning abilities for the greater good of mankind. Helping them along the way are the exclusive academy's two head-masters, Sean Cassidy and Emma Frost. Together, the pupils and teachers do their best to attend class, learn about themselves, and find their place in the a world that fears and hates them!"