Generation X Issue/ # 47 Marvel Comics - Comics

Generation X Issue/ # 47 Marvel Comics - Comics

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Marvel Comics Generation X Vol - 1 Issue/ # 47. Paper back physical copy comic book in (color).

Writer - Larry Hama

Pinciler - Aaron Lopresti

Inker -Walden Wong

Colorist - Felex Serrano

Issued Date: Janury 1999

Rated: T+

" Previously...

Eleanor Pickeick,  an irate administator for the school board, visited the Massachusetts Academy for a spot inspection--and was very displeased with what she found there.

Calling the academy " a disgrace, " Pickwick worked herself into such a frenzy that she suffered a heart attack.

Springing into immediate action, the kids Banshee and Emma rushed the fallen administrator to the hospital--unfortunately revealing their powers in the process.

This worked to their advantage, however. To express her gratitude, Miss Pickwick chose to look the other way... ensuring that the schooling of Generation X would continue. Now, with Forge's help, their training continues, as he arrives to build them a Danger Room..."

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