Generation X Issue/ # 48 Marvel Comics - Comics

Generation X Issue/ # 48 Marvel Comics - Comics

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Marvel Comics Generation X Vol - 1 Issue/ # 48. Paper back physical copy comic book in (color).

Writer - Jay Faerber

Pinciler - Terry Dodson

Inker - Rachel Dodson

Colorist - Felex Serrano

Issued Date: December 1998

Rated: T+

" Previously...

Forge visited the Massachusetts Academy when Banshee asked him to build the Gen X students a Danger Room ( the Biosphere had recently gone missing, under mysterious circumstances). Unfortunately, a violent intergalactic entity called Paradox had managed to "Trojan Horse" its way into the Danger Room technology, and launched an attak on Forge and the kids.

Thanks to the efforts of synch, Generation X was able to stop Paradox, effectivleyshutting him down. Now, with their Danger Room in place, the kids are ready to get down to business and start training in the use of their powers..."

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