Infinity Countdown Issue/ # 4 Marvel Comics

Infinity Countdown Issue/ # 4 Marvel Comics

SKU: 45533C

Marvel Comics Infinity Countdown Issue/ # 4. Paperback Physical Copy Comic Book In (Color).

Writer - Gerry Duggan

Penciler(s) - Aaron Kuder & Mike Hawthorne

Inker(s) - Aaron Kuder, Terry Pallot & José Marzan Jr.

Colorist - Jordie Bellaire

Letterer - VC's Cory Petit

Cover Artist - Nick Bradshaw & Morry Hallowell

Issued Date

Rated: T+

"The Infinity Stones were reborn andscattered, passing from hand to hand across the univers, through time, transgressing the boundaries between worlds... The Guardians and the Nova Core endured heavy losses protecting the Power Stone, only having escaped certain death by discovering the true nature of the stone - That it is controlled by the mind of whoever wields it! Elsewhere, Adam Warlock has located Ultron, who was preparing to launch rockets infecting the univers in his image. Silver Surfer, hoping to intervene, went tothe Lifebringer - Galactus, reformed from consuming lives and sworn to aton - and asked if he might destroy one planet...To save the entire galaxy! What will his answer be?

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