Marvel Comics Presents Wolverine War Machine Vengeance Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics Presents Wolverine War Machine Vengeance Marvel Comics

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Marvel Comics Presents Wolverine, War Machine, Vengeance & New Warriors Vol 1 - Issue/ # 155. Paper back physical copy comic book in (Color).


Wolverine: Pure Sacrifice "I Put A Spell On You" part 4-4

Writer - Nel Yomtov

Penciler - Phil Hugh Felix

Inker - Rey Garcia

Letters - Ul Higgins

Colors - George Roussos

"The struggle for Madripoor is settled in the final confrontation with Abdul Alahazred."


War Machine: The Dying Game "Take What You Can Get" part 4-4

Writers - Len Kaminski & Scott Benson

Pencils- John Czop

Inks - Tim Dzon

Letters - Ul Higgins

Colors - Chris Matthys

"What do you get when you mix AIM and Hydra with the Wat Machine gang and point it at the Hate Monger? The bang-up conclusion to The Dying Game!"


Vengeance: Dangerous Games "Targets"

Writers - Chris Cooper

Breakdowns - Reggie Jones

Finishes - Fred Harper

Letters - Ul Higgins

Colors - Joe Andreani

"The Big Game Posse is ready to sniff and mount the Ghost Rider Vengeance."


Kymaera ( New Warriors) Matrix Syndrome part 1-4

Writer - Ed Lazellari

Penciler - Ed Lazellari

Inker - Joe Rosas

Letters - Ed Lazellari

Colors - Ed Lazellari

"Out of the blue in the skies over Manhattan, comes a vicious attack against the New Warriors Kymaera. The start of an all-new series."


Cover Artist - Tom Grindberg & Fred Harper

Issue Date: Late May 1994

Rated: T+

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