The Book Of Magic Issue/ # 28 Vertigo/ DC Comics

The Book Of Magic Issue/ # 28 Vertigo/ DC Comics

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DC/ Vertigo Comics The Book Of Magic Issue/# 28 Rights Of Passage Part 2. Paperback Physical Copy Comic Book In (Color). Writer - John Ney Rieber

Artist - Peter Gross

Letter - Comicraft

Colors - Sherilyn Van Valkenburgh

Issued Date: September 1996

Rated: Mature Readers

"Young Timothy Hunter, destined to become the world's greatest mage, came to America hoping to escape the sorcerous and personal woes that plagued him in England. Instead, he's gotten mixed up with an unrecognizable Cupid and Psyche, and two wannabe gangstas who are bent on revenge -- all with Leah, succubus and former neighbors of Tim's at his side. Meanwhile, his ex-girlfriend Molly remains trapped in Faerie, where she awaits a contest with the Amadan that will determine her fate."

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