The Book Of Magic Issue/ # 35 Vertigo/DC Comics

The Book Of Magic Issue/ # 35 Vertigo/DC Comics

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DC/ Vertigo Comics The BookOf Magic Issue/# 35 Reckonings. Paperback Physical Copy Comic Book In (Color).

Writer - John Ney Rieber

Artist - Peter Snejbjerg, Peter Gross & John Ridgway

Cover By - Michael Kaluta

Colors - Sherilyn Van Valkenburgh

Issued Date: April 1997

Rated: Mature Readers

"Young Timothy Hunter, destined to become the world's greatest mage, came to America hoping to escape the sorcerous and personal woesthatplagued him in England. While he wanders around the American Southwest, his ex-girlfriend Molly remains trapped in Faerie, suffering the effects of Queen Titania's curse. And now the horse Prince, one of Molly's few friends in Faerie, has just revealed himself to be a boy -- and, in fact, a real prince."

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