The First Issue/ # 5 Crossgen Comics - Comics

The First Issue/ # 5 Crossgen Comics - Comics

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Crossgen Comics The First Vol 1 - Issue/ # 5. Paper back physical copy comic book in (Color).

Writer - Barbra Kesel

Penciler - Bart Sears

Colorist - Michael Atiyeh

Inker - Andy Smith

Issued Date: April 2001

Rated: Parental Advisory

"They where the first from their home. Elysia they held power over all. Worlds were created at their touch, and their only threat was each other. Now the twin towers of the old city and the new city, separated by the eidolon rift, are united in a new anxiety the ennui of centuries has catalyzed into fear with the discovery of the Sigil-Bearers, begins with powers the First did not bestow."

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