X-Force Issue/ # 4 Marvel Comics - Comics

X-Force Issue/ # 4 Marvel Comics - Comics

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Marvel Comics X-Force Issue/ # 4 Sins Of The Past. Paper back physical copy comic book in (color)

Writer - Ed Brisson

Artist - Dylan Burnett

Colorist - Jesus Aburtov

Cover Artist - Pepe Larraz & Marte Gracia

Issued Date: May 2019

Rated: T+

"The country of Transia -- once a mutant safe haven -- is now suffering potential genocide under Acting President Constantin. X-Force's mission is to save Transia's mutant refugee and end Constantin's tyranny...despite tension within their own ranks.

Andrel, an undercover mutant Transian soldier, helped Deathlok infiltrate the Transian Federal Building to fee his fellow mutants -- only to betray Deathlok and escape through time portal within the building. As the rest of X-Force raced to reach the facility, Deathlok continued with the mission, only to be ambushed by mutant-hunter Ahab!"

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